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3M: The most preferred tapes & adhesive products


3M products3M Tapes and adhesives offer adhesive, thin and thick bonding, specialty tapes and identification solutions with the broadest line of products for markets ranging from electronics, transportation, appliances, and manufacturing, to consumer applications.


The introduction of 3M Products has changed the way it was looked at earlier. 3M has a vast range of adhesives, surface protection tapes, double sided tapes, single sided specialty tapes, labels & packing tapes to compliment this process.


JN ARORA markets 3M’s special tapes and adhesives for various special and general purpose applications. The 3M range available with us is as under :

  • Performance Label Material: Screen, Flexo, lazer printable label film based material in roll form is available. Also special products for tamper evident, destructive and UL approved labels are available.
  • Screen printable Adhesives: One of the most recent innovations added to this portfolio. UV & IR curable high adhesion acrylic adhesive with very high level of clarity and transparency for various kinds of small and complicated jobs
  • Double sided film tapes: For clean removal from any surfaces. Used for holding displays on glass or painted surfaces.
  • Double sided acrylic foam tapes (VHBs): These are very high bond tapes used for logo bonding, RFID bonding solutions, idols in cars etc for long term permanent outdoor as well as indoor applications
  • Double sided Tissue tapes: General purpose to high performance complete range is available with 3M for your daily needs.
  • Laminating adhesives & Spacer tapes: For hard to stick surfaces and thin bond lines with a consistency in thickness and laminations. Best fit for membrane switch assemblies and overlays. Includes the popular 467 and 468 MP range.
  • Protective tapes: These tapes are the best products fit for transit & in process protection. It is a temporary protection, which when removed, comes out cleanly from the surface.
  • Instant adhesives: Fixes any job in seconds and with a very thin bond-line. Special products for filling small gaps also available.
  • Facility maintenance: Lane marking, floor repair, cable coding, etc are some of the things which are always overlooked because of cumbersome process and long down time. 3M solutions will help you do all this in minutes.
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