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  • Day Graphica 3610– The Day Graphica 3610 is one of the most durable, flexible and versatile blankets from DAY
    International available in green colour. Day Graphica 3610 handles a broad range of printing job requirements and keeps on going. Its redesigned enhanced compressible layer compensates for press wear and imperfections. It provides optimal nip  ressure that provides excellent print contrast and solid ink densities. Its compatible rubber surface provides quick release, ease of wash-up and reduces swelling. Its also compatible with newer pressroom chemistries.

  • Day Graphica 36 - The ideal blanket for high usage applications and where controlling costs are a major factor, available in blue colour. High solvent resistance and smooth surface finish ensure high quality reproduction across a wide range of substrates. The thicker compressible layer ensures uniform print pressure in a wide range of press configurations and across all format sizes. The enhanced fabric carcass construction ensures that the Day Graphica 36 survives all but the worst cases of smash damage. Its high quality carcass provides exceptional gauge stability and also is basis for long life and quality printability.  Its highly ground surface provides excellent gauge uniformity and surface texture. Also, it gives superior ink transfer while maximising release characteristics.

  • David M QL Gold ­- The QL Gold blanket surface offers superior transfer properties and excellent ink affinity. The precision buffed surface creates a micro-textured printing medium for unsurpassed paper and ink release. Plus, you'll get up to colour fast and stay in register. The tougher surface lets you switch pap~r. stocks and web widths with less concern about edge cutting and it's  overall solvent-resistance, ensures dimensional stability. Gauge loss and sinking at the gap are minimised, especially on narrow gap presses. It has unique micro-cellular compressible construction for resistance to gauge loss at the gap ensures maximum print length. The product is available in golden yellow colour.

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