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DIC Popular Four Colour Sets

  • dic products Fusion G – High End ink for high gloss, good setting and smooth dot formation (imported from DIC Japan). Recommended for Gloss Art Paper.
  • Values G – High gloss ink for quality printing (Imported from DIC Japan). Recommended for Gloss Art Paper.
  • Challen G – High depth and good setting ink. Recommended for Gloss/Matt Art Paper.
  • Geos G – Perfectly balanced set for very good gloss, scuff and setting properties. Also can be run on foam. Recommended for Gloss/Matt Art Paper.
  • Asia Series – New generation Ink for all purpose (Packaging and commercial) paper and board jobs with very good gloss, depth and setting. Recommended for Gloss/Matt Art Paper.
  • Oasis – One Touch Dry set specially design for small commercial work and turn jobs on matt and gloss art paper.
  • Xtra Power – Very good medium range ink for Art paper, Good rheology and setting with Perfectly balanced gloss and scuff. Recommended for Duplex Board/ Gloss Art Paper
  • L.T. – Very low tack ink specially for low pick paper. Recommended for low Pick Maplitho/ Duplex Board.
  • Plustick – High quality Ink for non absorbant surfaces like polythene, PVC, polypropylene, coated paper, vinyl,acetate, polyster and lacquer coated stock.
  • Optimo – Very good ink with high strength for maplitho Paper( Publishing jobs) Provides good mileage. Recommended for Maplitho/ Duplex Board.
  • Offset Process – Economical Ink for maplitho paper.
  • 3M productsEner G – Newly designed, Economical set for maplitho paper jobs with good strength and gloss. Recommended for Maplitho/ Duplex Board.
  • Colour Fest Series – This series is available countrywide with ready made bright standard spot colour inks of high quality. Shade selection is made easy as customer can chose from a veriety of shades from DIC Colour Fest guide.
  • Metallics – DIC offers a range of metallic shades including various shades of gold, silver etc, suitable for offset as well as letterpress printing. The range includes single jade gold, royal rich pale gold, sterling silver and many more with a few imported inks as well.
  • Web Offset Inks – News inks for both coldset and heatset weboffset machines are available from DIC.
  • UV Inks – These are the latest technology inks form DIC, which cure after UV light exposure. The range available include process colours and opaque white. Spot colours also available on demand.
  • UV Varnish – The range includes UV curable over-printing varnishes with gloss, high gloss and matt finish in Screen Printable, Coater Application, Duct Application as well as new introduction for Litho Application.
  • Aqueous Varnish – Range of acrylic based water soluble varnishes for good quality gloss, matt finish, primer coat for coater application and matt and aqueous varnish for duct application.
  • Quickflow Range – This range of bright spot colours is specially recommended for mini-offset machines.
  • Economy Series – Economical spot colours for popular shades suitable for both offset and letterpress printing processes.
  • Special Black inks – This range includes popular sellers like Rekha Black, Excel Black, Baby Black, Jet Black and Bluish Black for special jobs.
  • Calibre – Specially design for achieving very good setting and blocking property on to Matt paper.
  • Lotus – Product design for high productivity. High Speed ink. Recommended for Duplex Board/ Gloss Art Paper.
  • New Prima – Balanced High quality ink recommended for Gloss Art Paper.
  • Eurospeed – High speed & Gloss Perfectly balanced. Recommended for Gloss Art Paper.
  • Eurogloss – Old generation set, very good gloss. Recommended for Gloss Art Paper.
  • Super Chromo – Ink designed for chromo art paper jobs such as label printing jobs. Recommended for Chromo Art Paper/ Duplex Board

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