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Ezy print Blankets

(1.95mm thick)

Economic 4 ply blankets with high performance. Available in blue color, gives good ink transfer, dense solids and crisp half tone prints. Good printability on a variety of papers and boards due to its smooth and soft surface layer. Its stabilizing fabric provides high quality, gives robustness which ensures a stable blanket and the dense fabric layer provides for the high stretch resistance. Thick compressible layer gives good smash recovery and durability.

EZY PRINT Under-Blankets (1.0mm thick)

We offer 2 Ply Under Blankets available in black colour, which are manufactured to same gauge tolerance as top blankets to ensure precise press settings. Also, Absorbent fabric carcass prevents sweating and reduces cylinder corrosion and it reduces need for multiple packing sheets. Stabilizing fabric prevents sweating, reduces cylinder corrosion.

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