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Kiwo is the world’s leading manufacturer’s of chemical products for the screen making and adhesives. The company’s concept is to anticipate and meet the market demand not only for the product but also for the complete system with technical support which is very much required by the so much competitive industry that we operate in. JN ARORA is proud to be associated with a leader like KIWO who believe in providing  a complete solution very much like JN ARORA itself.


The readily available range of products in India for screen making are as follows :



  • AZOCOL POLYPLUS S : Solvent Resistance Diazo-UV polymer Photoemulsion for production of highest quality prints. Suitable for very precise and sharp printing results
  • AZOCOL Z-1 : Solvent and Water resistant Diazo-UV-polymer Photoemulsion for universal use.
  • AZOCOL 2009: Solvent and Water resistant (DUAL CURE) Diazo-UV-polymer Photoemulsion for universal use. A new development from KIWO keeping in mind the Indian screen printing industries’ requirement. Decoats even after hardening with KIWO SET K Hardner.
  • CERACOP 2300: Chemically curable Diazo-UV-polymer Photoemulsion with optimum resistance to water based screen printing inks and good resistance to solvent based printing inks. Especially recommended for Ceramic Industries.
  • KIWOCOL 375H: A new development for the ceramic industry in India from KIWO. Good resistance to ceramic inks. Also, suitable for discharge printing.
  • POLYCOL 630WR: Newly developed Dual Cure Single pot Emulsion from KIWO.


  • Kiwo Bond 1100 Powergrip: Two component screen adhesive with even higher solvent resistance and adhesion on aluminium frames as 1000HMT. Also, suitable for applications where aggressive solvents are used.
  • Kiwo Bond 1000HMT: Two component screen adhesive for applications involving very high tension on the mesh with very good solvent resistance.
  • Kiwo Bond 944XLP: Two component screen adhesive for applications involving very high tension on the mesh with very good solvent resistance and extended pot life.


  • Mesh X-CEL: Mesh Pre-treatment chemical. To be used on all new mesh. The allrounder for cleaning and degreasing screen printing meshes. Provides stable water film when transferring screen printing films, improves bond of emulsion and reduces problems of electro-static charge.
  • KIWOSET K: Emulsion Hardner.
  • KIWOFILLER: Fillers for blocking and re-touching.


  • Pregan 1014E: Water emulsifiable solvent cleaner for removal of all commonly used screen printing inks and adhesives.
  • Pregasol EP3: Decoating Powder concentrate.
  • Pregasol CF70: Decoating liquid concentrate.
  • Pregasol CF: Ready to use decoating liquid.
  • Pregan MegaClean X-tra: Ghost/Haze Removing Liquid paste.


  • KIWOPRINT D178: Screen printable removable pressure sensitive water based adhesive. Suitable for point of purchase, decals on white goods and notepads applications.
  • KIWOPRINT D159:  Screen printable permanent pressure sensitive water based adhesive. Its high viscosity enables applications on absorbent surfaces like PE foam etc. Suitable for most difficult surfaces like untreated PP, PE and polyamide.
  • KIWOPRINT TC2500: Solvent Based adhesive. Recommended for use in dial industry, membrane switch etc. Bondings are resistance to water, alkali and many mineral oils.

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