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Kodak, the world leader in digital and pre-press solution brings you the latest technology of pre-press


kodak productsELECTRA XD – Kodak Electra XD Thermal Plates represent an innovative new technology platform built upon the legacy of the world’s best-selling digital thermal plate: the Kodak Electra Excel Thermal Plate. Electra XD Plates perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 500,000 impressions without baking. Patented custom polymer design results in outstanding durability and dot stability on press, providing excellent colour control and consistent reproduction throughout the full press run — every time. Electra XD Plates deliver extraordinarily sharp detail for extremely long, stable runs in both AM and FM applications, minimising plate remakes and variation due to dot wear and sharpening, and maximizing productivity in the pressroom. Compatible with most alcohol substitute and replacement fount systems and highly resistant to pressroom chemicals. Electra XD Plates also require lower developer consumption, allowing longer bath life and cleaner processing, reducing cost per plate and minimising chemical waste, maintenance, and impact on the environment.

SWORD ULTRA – Kodak Sword Ultra Thermal Plates deliver exceptional quality and durability. These plates are ideal for printers who need a robust CTP plate, require high productivity, and want to avoid the space, cost and time consumed by postbake ovens. Sword Ultra Plates are rated for up to 400,000 impressions unbaked. Plus, you have the option to postbake and achieve run lengths of 15,00,000 impressions. They deliver exceptional on-press performance in the most demanding printing environments, including those that use UV and metallic inks and alcohol-free founts. The high resolution and precise colour reproduction provided by Sword Ultra Plates mean top quality results. Sword Ultra Plates have a state-of-the-art two-layer coating that provides on-press durability without post-baking. Eliminating the need for post-baking and reducing the need for remakes on long runs significantly improve productivity. The two-layer coating also provides wide processing latitude, which translates to greater stability and repeatability.

ELECTRA EXCEL – Kodak Electra Excel HRL/HRO thermal plates are the most recent additions to the Kodak Electra plate family. These enhanced resolution plates are chosen time and again for the most demanding print jobs, performing with the proven reliability and quality of the original, highly acclaimed Kodak Electra plate. These versatile and popular thermal plates are suitable for use in a diverse range of printing environments, including web publication, commercial sheetfed and packaging. Electra Excel HRL/HRO plates provide the high resolution, image accuracy, reliability and repeatability you expect from Kodak thermal plates. These plates deliver extraordinarily sharp detail and superb consistency in both AM and FM screening applications. These fast imaging plates have a broad spectral response, making Electra Excel HRL/HRO plates fully compatible with most market-leading thermal plate-setters. Kodak’s image coating technology gives Electra Excel HRL/HRO plates wide exposure and development latitude, which provide exceptional consistency in plate performance. Electra Excel HRL/HRO plates can be intermixed with Kodak conventional positive plates in the same processor by using Kodak Goldstar Premium plate developer, helping you maximise efficiency.

PPW – Kodak PP-W Positive Plates are general purpose, positive conventional plates for medium to long runs on sheetfed or commercial web presses. Kodak PP-W Positive Plates are productive on the frame, with medium-fast exposure and an excellent vacuum aid that minimises drawdown and prevents undercutting. Wide exposure latitude enables high-fidelity dot reproduction, making PP-W Plates easy to expose for higher quality jobs. PP-W Plates have wide latitude in processing and can be baked for extra long run lengths. The grained and anodised aluminium substrate provides good ink/water balance on press. In addition, PP-W Plates have wide dampening latitude and good resistance to most pressroom chemicals. These features help you run jobs efficiently, with consistent color and quality.


KODAK GOLDSTAR PREMIUM Plate Developer – Goldstar Premium is a new universal developer for Kodak Thermal CTP plates & conventional positive plates. It has also been designed to be a long life / high plate throughput developer with excellent dot stability throughout the life of the developer. Goldstar Premium facilitates an increase in processing speed which enables the developer to maintain maximum productivity with the new faster Platesetter heads. Goldstar Premium is recommended for FM applications and high resolution conventional screenings due to the excellent dot stability throughout the life of the developer. Goldstar Premium is compatible with all Electra Excel, PTP and Sword Ultra accredited processors.

KODAK 850S Plate Finisher – Kodak recommends Kodak 850 Neutral and Finisher CtP Gum for thermal CtP plates. It is used or hand or machine use. It is a universal finishing solution for all KODAK Digital and Conventional Positive and Negative Offset Plates.


T860 & T1250

The new Kodak T 860 and T 1250 Plate Processors provide you with easy-to-use, full featured and highly reliable medium-duty processing for a wide range of Kodak ThermalPlates. These plate processors are designed for plug-and-play operation so your system is up and running quickly. Adjustments needed for your specific processing needs, such as scrub settings, are made in moments, giving you maximum flexibility. Finally, these processors offer automatic maintenance reminders to help you keep them in top operating condition.

Technical Data for T 860 and T 1250

Trendsetter 800 III

The Kodak Trendsetter 800 III platesetter family is our robust, proven, and newly improved 8-page CTP offering. Compact and reliable, these devices provide semiautomatic operation, stability, easy maintenance, and exceptional imaging. In addition to standard thermal plates, Trendsetter 800 III platesetters can output processless plates and thermal film. They offer a wide variety of speeds, reaching up to 42 plates per hour. Trendsetter 800 III platesetters now include new software and electronics that deliver the improved efficiency you need to meet the demands of the printing environment today and into the future. The devices offer automation options that maximize your productivity. The Continuous Load option increases your throughput with nonstop platemaking.

Technical Data for Trendsetter 800 III

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