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Union: Pthalate Free Plastisol Ink

The popular product range available in India is as follows:

Direct Printing Products:


Whites: Union offers a range of White Plastisol inks for table and machine applications alike including Uniprint White, and Mixo-opaque Super White

Ready to Use Colors: High Opaque Series of 12 bright colors

Neon Colours: Fluorescent colours.

Unistretch Clear: A versatile clear for increasing stretch-ability of the prints. Can also be used as underbase to arrest fibleration.   
Mixing Bases: Union offers a range of clear and opaque bases, Soft Hand Extender Base for ink preparation.

Toners: Colour Concentrates for ink preparation.

PRPL Truetone Inks: Process Inks for halftone printing.

Specialty Plastisol Products:

Shimmer Plastisol: Smaller particle size than glitters, gives bright and lustrous metallic effects.

NPT Premium Poly White: A special white formulated for ultimate opacity and bleed resistance even on 100% polyester materials.

3DSQ High Density Plastisols: Produces 3D effect printing by printing a thick ink layer, retains sharp edges and crisp and highly detailed definition. Available products are ready to use inks, 3DSQ Base, 3DSQ Booster

Flash Back: Reflective Plastisol inks; available in grey and a range of colours.

HD Glass Clear: A very high gloss clear with wet look.

Extra Puff Additive: Additive for achieving puff effect in prints.

New Low Cure Barrier Grey: Under-base to counter dye migration.

Transfer Series:

MIXO-Trans Plastisol: Highly Opaque Inks for Transfer Labels for hot split transfer along with base.


Hotmelt Powders: for making transfers.


Printable Adhesives: Clear for using as backup for transfers.


Litho Inks: Litho inks for making litho transfers with litho backup white.


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